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Permanent Make Up Brows After Care

Congratulations on your brand new brows! Now what’s next?

Proper after care is very important to get the best results and long lasting brows. First let’s talk about the healing process.

What to Expect After Permanent Eyebrow: The healing process

Day 1: You’ll love your new eyebrows!

Your eyebrow color is approximately 30-50% darker than it will be when it’s healed.

A bit of swelling and bruises might appear depending on your skin type, but this won’t affect at all your eyebrows, you will be able to go by your day normally.

Days 2-3: Color will darken temporarily as the pigment oxidizes and thin scabs will appear.

Your eyebrows will feel tight and dry, but not painful.

The pigment will start oxidizing and turning darker, scabs will form.

Days 3-7: Your eyebrows will begin flaking until there is no scabbing left.

You want to allow healing to shed naturally, try not to touch your brows, but If you must do it with clean hands. Don‘t remove the scabs/flakes as you may pull the pigment with it.

Days 7-14: Your eyebrows will temporarily disappear.

Once all scabbing has finished flaking, it is common for the color to appear lighter.


This lighter color is only temporary, the healing skin is white-ish and it hides the true color underneath. Over the next several weeks your eyebrow color will BLOOM. 🌹

Day 42: At 6 weeks your eyebrows are fully healed.

Your eyebrows are healed and the color has completely set!

It’s now okay for you to come back in for your follow up. Any adjustments such as darkening the color or altering the shape can be done at this appointment.


Now that you understand the healing process we can talk about the after care instructions.

There is short-term after care that will help your brows heal properly and retain most of the color. The long term after care is very important too, this will ensure the color doesn’t turn and it lasts it’s maximum!

Short Term After care

Day 1: Right after.

With clean hands grab a wet cotton pad and wipe your brows every 30-60min until you go to bed. This will help to clean off any lymph or blood abs avoid crusty scabs.

Do not apply anything else on your brows. Avoid touching them but if you must do it with clean hands to avoid infections.

Day 2-7: The First week


Y- Clean hands (Avoid touching the area but if you must do it with clean hands).

Y- Clean pillowcase, change your pillowcase more often :)

Y- Apply after-care cream, 3 times per day, with clean hands or a cotton swab, just a tiny layer to let the skin heal.


X- No water (take a bath instead and clean your face with a cloth).

X- No steam/sauna

X- No sun, wear a hat!

X- Avoid sweating/exercise

X- No make up, creams, etc.

X- Avoid sleeping on your face or activity laying on face.

X- Do not remove scabs, let it heal naturally.

Day 7-14:


Y- You can your brows wet now.

Y- You can wear make up. Y- Resume your daily facial routine.


X- No steam/sauna

X- No sun, wear sunblock!

X- Avoid swimming

X- No facial treatments, laser, botox, peels, etc.

Long term aftercare

After day 14: General care instructions

For long lasting results and no changes in the color of the pigment.

DONT’S X- Avoid sun, wear sunblock. X- Avoid chlorinated water, when swimming apply Vaseline as a barrier for your permanent makeup. X- Avoid facial treatments in the permanent make up area, chemical peels, laser, microneedling, etc.

X- Avoid general anti-aging products on the area, vitamin C, retinols, as they might fade the color faster. DO’S

Y- Eat healthy foods, a good balance diet will prevent the color fading too, as the body might want to compensate taking the iron from the pigments if you are iron deficient.

Y- Book your first touch up , 6-10 weeks after the initial procedure. Y- Get a color boost 1-3 years after last touch up. ❤️

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